Healthy Living Media Project!!!

Lindor Choclate Commercial!!!!!!

:This is not a healthy eating choice because the choclate inside contains lots of sugar

:This type of choclate is really good but not healthy for your body

: You can eat lindor choclate truffles once and a while but not everyday and we shouldn’t eat like a dozen one or two is okay:)

: The more choclate that is in the truffle the more sugar there is in a tiny chcolate truffle( NOT HEALTHY!!!!!)

: It also contains lots of calories which can cause diabities or heart diseas and can make you really big

Salad Bar Website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: Salad is healthy for you because it contains los of fruit and vegetables

: Salad can go into lots of things like this burritos instead of un – healthy stuff in it

: Salad gives you the energy that you need and the vitamins you need to stay healthy and fit

: Healthy it contains no Fattttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

: This type of food can keep you going for the rest of your life well till your senior citizens